Tuesday, 30 May 2017

[YouTube / 777 / Grace / Revelation] WALKING 7 TIMES AROUND JERICHO IS A PICTURE OF THE 7 YEARS OF DANIEL'S 70TH WEEK. (Lonnie Martin)


[YouTube / allah's body-digging crow appears following its successful Manchester mass-Kuffarcide] MUSLIM IMAM QUOTES THE JEWISH TALMUD PASSED OFF AS QURAN IN #MANCHESTER LIVE ON TV (2017) - Run2Christ

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[YouTube / Antichrist: Blasphemous koran openly denies the deity, son-ship and crucifixion of Jesus Christ - leading muslims down the broad path that leads to destruction] BIBLE VS QURAN - THE BIBLE IS TRUE - MAY 29, 2017 (Calvary Melbourne Australia)

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[YouTube / Wars and Rumours of Wars / News from the East] END TIMES SIGNS & CURRENT EVENTS (May 29, 2017) - Awake All Ye Nations

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[Fake News following allah's successful Manchester terror-casting] We are not the enemy: a Pakistani migrant's reflections on the phony god's phony, Kuffarcidal religion - and the 'phobia' thereof

We are not the enemy: a Pakistani migrant's reflections on Islam and Islamophobia

Date 29.05.2017
Author Farhad Mirza
... I am a Pakistani migrant, living in the West. So, naturally, I fear the divisive rhetoric that follows tragedies such as the one we witnessed in Manchester last week. I am dismayed by the embrace of Islamophobia in mainstream politics and I appreciate the concerns of liberals who jump to my defense when unfair assumptions about migrants are made. ...
More baggage about the phony god's phony, terror-casting religion and the 'phobia' thereof at DW - made for minds, or so they say

[YouTube / USA / Lord of the Flies: It's kind of unfair because like ...] Followers of the phony god and false prophet in Brooklyn want Prom date changed due to the phony god's phony month of Ramadan

Muslims want Prom date changed due to RAMADAN

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Monday, 29 May 2017

[Great Falling Away / Mystery of Iniquity / Allah the Kuffar Slayer] Manchester's followers of the phony god and false prophet of islam are 'under siege' following allah's successful mass-Kuffarcide: "We are part of the fabric of this nation"

Manchester's Muslim community under siege: "We are part of the fabric of this nation"

By Felipe Araujo
29 May 2017
... During Friday prayers, some of the world’s media came looking for answers. On the eve of Ramadan, the dark shadow of terrorism looms large over most mosques in Manchester and beyond.

“People who do this kind of thing are no Muslims,” one man tells me. ...
More praying to the false god and pretending that islamic terror-casters are not muslims at NewStatesman

[Terror Australis: The usual fake news about the fake god's fake religion] 'I am a Muslim, I ask me anything': Male followers of the false prophet take to the streets to 'educate' people about their phony, antichrist religion in the wake of allah's successful Manchester terror-casting

'I am a Muslim, I ask me anything': Islamic men take to the streets to educate people about their religion in the wake of Manchester terror attack

By April Glover For Daily Mail Australia
29 May 2017
... Mr Tahir said he wanted to take to the streets to clear up misinformed judgement on the Islam faith after the tragic terrorist bombing in Manchester.

'It was heartbreaking for us to see in the name of our faith that this atrocity was happening and that beloved human beings were unfortunately being killed in the name of Islam,' he told the West Australian. ...
More of the usual 'heartbreak' that follows the many successful islamic terror-castings that are explained away as 'nothing to do with islam' at Daily Mail - another site wanting to promote fake news in support of the fake god's fake religion

[YouTube / Manchester: Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Appeasing politicians continue to insist that allah's evil, antichrist religion is peace ... readying for the rise of the Beast 666 and False Prophet] Manchester terrorist attack !! Nothing to do with Islam Must be kidding me !! (Jani räsänen)

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[YouTube / Submission to the phony god and its phony laws / Resistance] David Wood's Speech on Linda Sarsour, CUNY, and Sharia (Acts17Apologetics)

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[YouTube / Taqiyya following allah's successful Manchester terror-casting / mass-Kuffarcide] EXPOSED: Taqiyya in Manchester! What The Brits Don't Know... (Paul Nielsen)

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[Terror Australis: playing into the hands of the phony god and its terror-casting religion] Deadly islamic 'extremists' (followers of the phony god and its false prophet) are roaming our streets

Deadly Islamic extremists are roaming our streets

29 May 2017
Australian authorities lack enough evidence to lock potentially deadly Islamic extremists behind bars, and instead they free to roam our streets after fighting in Syria and Iraq.

News Corp reports that more than 40 people have returned to Australia from war zones within the past five years, but authorities have only prosecuted two foreign fighters. ...
More allowing jihadis to return to a country allah is at war with at Ten News

# Drunken with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus:


[YouTube / Ramadan / allah's carnival of death rolls on through Manchester and the world] PROPHECY REVEALED MAY 28, 2017 - ISIS URGE ALL OUT WAR ON THE WEST (Calvary Melbourne Australia)

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[Terror Australis: islamic terror-casting has nothing to do with islam - much as doctors have nothing to do with medicine] Doctors dismiss allah's phony terror-casting religion’s link to terrorism

Doctors dismiss Islam’s link to terrorism

May 29, 2017
Rebecca Urban
... “The PHAA urges the committee to include a recommendation in its report that disavows the ­notion there is any inherent link between Islam and terror,” the submission says.

“The committee should condemn any politician who refers divisively ... to any ­religious or ethnic group for the purpose of political gain.” ...
More disavowing any inherent link between allah's evil, terror-casting religion and islamic terror-casting at The Australian - where doctors take the micturition, as well as taking temperatures

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The Terrorist Who Did The Attack At Concert Just Came In From Libya and Syria

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[YouTube / 777 / Jesus Saviour / Redemption / Salvation / Water of Life] """ BLOOD TO BLOOD """ - TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN.... (Lonnie Martin)